Complaint regarding misselling of personal loan from Bajaj Finserv

On 2nd August 2018 I called up on a number i found in a sms sent by Bajaj finserv claiming my eligibility for personal loan. I called up asking for a loan of 1 lakh. It was informed to me that some gentlemen will be at my home by 2’O Clock to collect my KYC and take my signature in loan application.
Some mister came right on time. I enquired about some insurance application form which was tucked along with the loan application form and was informed by the gentleman that the two insurance are complimentary for the loan. He further informed me that i don’t have to pay anything extra for them.
The very next day I found only Rs. 91873 credited into my account and received an email and a sms for disbusal of Rs. 92144. At that time I thought may be i was eligible for that much only and thus expected my EMI will be charged accordingly.
On 5th August 2018 i received two SMS stating the premium amount of Rs. 844 and Rs. 3102 has been charged on account of those two insurance which I had no need for. On further enquiry i found out that a loan amount of 1 lakh was disbursed against my loan A/C thus my EMI are adjusted accordingly but only 91 thousand was disbursed to me.
I tried to reach out to that person who made me sign those insurance application even when i informed him that i don’t need them, with false information but that gentleman didn’t respond to my calls. I tried calling their customer care no. unfortunately it was only virtual assistant. Am simply looking for ways to get the money back which i was charged in the pretext of premium for one health insurance and another Future group term life insurance, which I clearly have no need for and clearly expressed my unwillingness in applying for the same.

Debosmita Majumdar
Lake Town, Kolkata 700089, West Bengal

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