I’m hereby writing this letter regarding a complain about FedEx India (Hyderabad) as I’ve shipped couple of clothing packages from Hyderabad to Maryland, USA due of cousins wedding ceremony on 17 Aug 2016 With tracking number 662200402405

They missed out couple of wedding sarees from the consignment & till no proper resolution has been provided it’s already 2 months I’m keep following up with respective ICL courier AGENT WHO PICKED the package from our residence has no proper tracking or resolution about the missing things this is very disgusting with the FedEx Hyderabad weirdly so worst with the costumer service as I’ve tried approaching them many times as a part of investigation I’ve sent emails with breakage of consignment & also pictures of missing sarees with the completed claims form too but there is no clue of summing up my problem.

Post my investigation all I’ve is only case ID number 0929632066 registered with complaint from the receiver side who is in USA but no resolution has been provided.

I want consumers India to take strict action against this agents & FedEx Hyderabad seeking proper compensation for the missing wedding sarees which is worth of 20900/-

RaviShankar Mutte
Kamala nagar, Hyderabad 500062, Telangana
Email: rxxxxxxxxxxxe@gmail.com / 25/10/2016 / 3:54 am

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