This is regarding an Adviser company who had called me (Adviser Street – Gxxxxxxxxxa Pxxxxxxxp Sxxxxxxxh) for share trading.
Yesterday 05/08/2016 , he told me that their advisory services are the best and that there is an offer for me where I can only pay Rs 13000 for the advisory services for the next 6 months, whereas in the website it is written that the cost of the services is Rs 90000 quarterly for the product “Option HNI”, which he was selling me. I asked him how is it possible for getting the services for only Rs 13000 for 6 months. He said it is a special offer for me. He then asked me to pay Rs 5000 at least so that the services can be started. He also promised me that he would send me a mail with the product details and the receipt. I agreed to him and paid Rs 5000 through payumoney (ID – 114154390). He called me back again after 1 hour saying that I need to pay Rs 1000 again for the services to get started. (He said according to SEBI rules I need to pay a minimum of Rs 6000 for receiving the services.) I paid him Rs 1000 again for that through payumoney (ID – 114167498). Today evening 06/08/2016 16:10 hrs he called me back again saying that I need to pay Rs 19000 more for availing the services. He said “19000 do nahi toh services close” in hindi. That shocked me. He was completely drunk while on the call. I am completely frustrated with this now. How can he say all these things promise me something and give me nothing in return. Is this a joke or a fraud? A month ago, another person from Adviser street had called me regarding the services. She had then asked me to pay Rs 5000, which I did and received neither any services nor any receipts. Unfortunately, I don’t have the payment ID for the same. I called back the number where she had called me from and found it to be unreachable. After a month, on 05/08/2016, I had received the above calls again.(I have given all the details above on the same). So in total I have given them Rs 11000. I request you to take strict action against this and get me my money refunded back. I have tried to record today’s calls that I had received and have attached the same for reference.I am really frustrated with this and have lost trust on these fraudulent companies. Please do something about this and help me with the same. I would also inform “Adviser street” about the complaint I have raised against them.

Subhajit Dey
Kolkata 700028, West Bengal
Email: / 06/08/2016 / 5:49 pm

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  1. Dear Sir ,

    I have lost my capital 12 000 in single call. as they committed for the big profit 6 000 in one call. There one person doing false commitment . For more queries you can call me.

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