Earlier I made a return request Return ID: 17546644 as dual Sim slots not working together but smart check diagnosed and said its OK. I was dissatisfied as I practically knew what was happening with the device. Plus tooooo much heating issue was there but I all discarded and again compromised and started using it with single sim but yesterday Suddenly, I got shocked when I gotta know earpiece or device which emits music has become out of order… I don’t know what the heck is this…??? Moto E 2 is seriously a compromise and I m totally fed up of this… I made a return request but it got rejected… I still smiled but again and again I m getting problems… Its not way I expected… Its totally ruining experience… Everyday Im encountering new problems in this brand new phone. Everytime, I make complaint… they give me return ID and ask me to install smartcheck app and then call comes from their executive. He or She gives pin to open the app and try to diagnose the problem but they how can they diagnose any hardware issue or any issue, which is been experienced by real_time customer. They are just duping every customer, who ever complains against moto e. I got the totally defective peice. My hard earned money seems to be sinking like titanic!! It all has put me in dilemma.. Please help me out.

Vikram Sethi
Email: clubvikramon@gmail.com
Contact No. 9569777853 / 25/04/2015 / 2:44 am

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