I want to lodge a complaint against the Motorola Company as i am really disappointed with the service they are providing. I had bought the Moto G3 Mobile phone last year in August and ever since the phone was delivered, it has been showing one problem after another. The company refused to replace the phone even though it was under warranty and said that they will get it repaired and send it back to me. Since november last year the phone has been sent for repairs thrice and every time they send it back saying it is repaired, i find that the issues still exist in the phone. The first time they said they that they had done a software update and the phone would work fine now which it did not and i put in a complaint and it was send for repairs again. This time they said they has replaced both the lenses and the phone camera should be working now but the same thing happened, the issue persisted and i again had to send the phone for repairs. This time they said that there was some problem with the mother board which they have replaced and the phone is fine now but it is the same thing, the phone is still not working properly. They have acted in the most rude and unprofessional manner, the representatives would keep postponing answering that they dont know what is happening and would never reply to my emails. I was also never provided with an update or any progress report during this whole scenario. It has been 4 months since the phone was first sent for repair. It has been sent for repairs thrice since then . I received my phone yesterday and the same issues are still there after they have said a hundred things and said that they have repaired it. The phone is still under warranty and the company refuses to replace it. I am tired and fed up of running around and after them for the same thing. I want the company to take the phone back and give me my money so all this can be done with

Neha Srivastava
Pune 411057, Maharashtra
Email: nxxxxxxxxxxxxx5@gmail.com / 01/03/2016 / 8:47 pm

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