I bought a moto g3 phone from Flipkart on 07-03-2016 from FLipkart. And soon within a month there was issue with flash light and it used to get switched off with power bank. So i had submitted phone to service center marago(Location: Mobile clinik, S1 second floor d’costa chambers,near nanutel, margao goa ) and they made some repairs and returned phone after a month. Then i used it for few days and noticed that it had problem in hearing piece and the screen was blanking off again and again. So i submitted phone back to service center and they argued with me saying the hearing issue is with all motorola phones and its a fault with the g3 phone. But when i told my friend has no issues for same phone they accepted to repair and then after 2 weeks or so returned. Soon after i came i checked the phone there was still problem with hearing, I couldn’t hear anything properly and the power bank issue noticed first time was occurring again. So I called them and asked bout this they said the power bank issue is with all moto g3 phones! when i told them my friend’s same phone works well they said we cant do anything must be issue with power bank. So i called up the Motorola care and explained about bad service they asked me to submit the phone to service center again, ao i gave the phone to them. And when i enquired few days later motorola care people tld me the phone is being serviced and parts are arrived. And few days later they said i could collect the phone, when i called up service center they said they have not done anything to the phone since the time i have given. And when i asked them bout Motorola care notification they said they have not got any mails and they wont do any service to it since i had contacted Motorola care by myself. They also said you should not contact motorola care before consulting us it seems!!! I complained about all this to service center and they said they will contact servce center and resolve the issue in two days. when i called the service center after two says they said same old thing that they have not received any mails so they wont service. I called motorola care and servcie center to follow up 20 times after this. There is no co-ordination between them so i told them i will complaint in consumer forum for which motorola executive said ‘Go ahead and do it! its your right’ ! such a pathetic reply by service executive. I mailed Director of services that i wil file complaint and they finally then sent mail to service center to repair, and service center called me like first time after so many months and they asked me if they have to start repair ! After that i have been following up with both parties fr more than 15 days now still they are saying its in progress. And there are no signs of any updates to me! I am frustrated with the bad service and faulty device. Plus I had to go all the way to service center like 10 times. I gave my cell thrice and since i have bought the cell its been with service center for months, and i have not got it still! I want justice with this issue I want a replacement for the faulty phone and refund of all my expenses of travelling to service center and all grievances.

And one more thing to bring to notice the service center people did not give me any job sheet records for previous two repairs, even after following up several times. Finally i had to go personally and ask them to generate one infront of me.

I have attached jobsheet with this post please find the same.

Please help me resolve this issue. I hope atleast you people could help me with this.

Akshata Gaonkar
Verna 403722, Goa
mail: axxxxxxxxxx5@gmail.com / 09/09/2016 / 4:09 pm

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