i bought a moto x play ( xt1562 ) 16GB handset through flipkart.com on somewhere 20th oct, 2015 which future being replaced by them because of heating and speaker related issue , with new handset on 15th nov, 2015 . After using few days i found that the phone is not supporting external memory card and if the do , it automatically become unreable. I bought a new memory card and applied it (because i thought there could be somethng wrong with my memory card ) but issue remain same with new memory card as well . I bring this issue in concern of flipkart , they followed a smart check procedure to find the issue but as being a hardware issue they can’t. They suggest me to visit the service center of motorola and told me that got a due letter from that service center . I made a visit there at the service center (B2x janakpuri distric center) they told me that they cant give me any duo letter as they have got some mail from the company and told me to submit mah phone for repair i refused to do so. (as i bought this phone for my study purpose ) ( at this point of time these people actually misguided me which i got to know later ) but after 15 days around 18 jan 2016 i submitted mah phone there for resolving the issue. They told me that they will change the mother board to resolve the issue . Later they called me to collect my phone as they had resolved the issue. I made a visit there and bring my phone back to me after few hours i found that memory card issue remain same and i also found a circular blue coloured spot on the display ( they didnt solved the issue but bring one more in it ) again i made a visit there on 27 jan 2016 then i got to know that from that day the B2x service center had ended their contract motorola and advised me to visit in another service center ( techo care janakpuri dc )

I went there and submitted them my phone with work order no. JNP/MG/15/00325 . They told me that to wait for 7 to 10 days . But its been 22 days today they didnt even called. I call them several times everytime they told me that the part requried is in demand . Then directly call motorola custumer care on 15 feb, 2016 where the helper ( irfan yusuf ) made a complaint and told me they solve it and call me in next 48 hours . I waitted for their call but they didnt call after that i again called them on 17 feb,2016 in evening when i told them i need to talk about my complain they discounted the phone regularly 3 times then i again call them cöntineously 4th time they told me that they have no record about my last complain which i made on 15 feb, 2016 and told me to wait again and again .
Now suriously got frustated these guys have no sense of responsibility , they didnt care about custumer time.. Im suffering from last 3 months from that time when i got ths phone and these guys are providing no solution to me. I bought this phone for mah study and convenient but they its only inconvenient. I dont want this phone anymore now and i want compaintation from motorola for the inconvenient and suffring im facing because of them.

Ashish Rai
Nangloi, New Delhi 110041
Email: lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxi@gmail.com / 18/02/2016 / 2:13 am

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