This is about the internet services from mtnl which is very sad to say but the poorest in its class cause even a YouTube video takes about half an hour which is like a 10 mins thing I used to rs 500 plus taxes for a 1 mbps line then I upgraded that to a 2 mbps line and now I pay 949 plus taxes and the speed I should be getting is 1 to 1.5 mbps download while as I’m only getting to the max 200 kbps as download speed. so neither am I getting what I’m paying for and nor is this speed worth that much money and the customer service of mtnl is by far one of the most appalling services where no one speaks in English which again is some thing that I can still give in to but then no one is willing to work out a solution where u can actually get the service that u are paying for. if ever the engineer comes home he would change the splitter of the connection and go away and even that being done the speed is the same. he will make the excuse that he will do some thing from the mtnl hub and be back and that just does not happen this is the reason why I’m writing to you and asking some one to help me out with this and just get me some service to match the worth of what I’m paying them.

Blair Quinny
M. M. C. Road, Mahim, Mumbai 400016, Maharashtra
Email: blairquinny] / 11/12/2015 / 7:23 am

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