MTS India broadband has a weird way of catching customers and juicing out money. I had this connection bought on 26 May 2014, and eventually the device gave trouble. MTS send representative and nothing got fixed. I got my IT friend to get the software bug cleaned and it started working. Next every month MTS disconnected saying some server error, they continued to charge me. Even though I called customer care, nothing really happened. I wanted to disconnect permanently and they said after I pay the monthly rentals. However, even after paying rentals and calling up to disconnect permanently, they didnt do, as they wanted to earn money monthly by not providing service. I emailed, fought over phone and the person Mxxxxd Fxxxxn said he soes not care about any Consumer Court etc. I am still being harassed every month, as MTS threatens that if i do not pay then they wil file legal case against me. I am sure, they do not take all this records and keep in my account, so sure they can escape by bribing, but i have email communication telling them over a year now.
Instrument purchased for Rs 1400 and bill paid without any connection for over 4 months (Rs 1700 approx), last connectivity was in Dec 2014.

Tania Chowdhury
421 Mahaveer Thrishla Apt Bangalore 560060, Karnataka
Email: / 22/04/2015 / 8:56 pm

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