I have purchased a mts data card on 2nd sept.2015 from “Cosmos Enterprises” a retail outlet. bill no. 1559, dt, 02/09/2016, Model no. AC3633R2.

I have been facing issues with MTS Data card from last month initially it was of speed issue, then Data card stopped working when i called up in customer service center they aren’t able to provide a solution and whenever i asked them to transfer call to their senior either they put me on hold or says we are arranging a call back. most of the times i don’t receive any call back and when i do get a call back or somehow they do transfer my calls to their seniors they says they are arranging a visit at my hope for replacement of device but no one visited. When i calls up again they says because my data card is not registered in my name on their system they aren’t able to replace it. which i don’t know how it is possible since i have purchase bill in my own name so i don’t know how come the other person name is there.

And all this things are going on from last a week but there aren’t providing any solution, and because of all this i’m suffering loss of my work and earnings as well. Over to this they have closed my complaints without providing satisfactory solutions.

Now they are asking me to get ID prof of the person whose name is there in their system else they won’t replace the device but i don’t know any such named person because for me i’m the legal owner of device and i have already told them i can provide them copy of bill for that as well but they aren’t providing any solution.

Rohit Kumar
Saket, New Delhi 110017
Email: rxxxxxxxxx5@gmail.com / 01/09/2016 / 11:30 am

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