This is to bring to your notice, the harrassment that I had to go through, when I called up MTS customer care today (8th July).
I had initially called in June (last week, on the 24th), wanting to cancel my MTS MBlaze connection with the number 8183031730 (registered under my name), the customer service representative said he would transfer me to the retention team, which he tried. I waited on the phone for 5 mins to be told that I would get a call back. He also said he could not take requests to deactivate connections and only that team could. I called back again after 2 days, to be told that I would get a call back in 2 hours. I then called back 4 hours later, wanting to check why I hadn’t got a call back. I was again told that I would get a callback in 2 hours.

I got a callback on the 1st of July from an unknown number with the gentleman identifying himself as the senior in MTS who wanted to try and retain me. When I told him my decision with closing down this account was final, he turned very rude and told me to pay up my outstanding bill first and then talk about deactivation. He also read out that I had a balance of Rs.50 from a previous month and asked me why I did not pay the complete amount with my bill. I made him understand that I paid my bills online and I have screenshots of amounts with transaction, which he failed to acknowledge. I had to switch to the local language Kannada and was very rudely told by him that “I will get calls from his company people” if I don’t pay the amount that he said I had to pay.
8th of July: Today, I received an SMS from MTS asking me to pay Rs. I264 instead of the billing amount of 1198 to avoid further billing. I immediately called the customer care (9141955955) at 6:37 PM and was online till 7:28 PM, out of which I spoke to the agent for 30 mins and was then transferred to the “Senior Floor Supervisor”, who very patiently listened to my issue and then put me on mute all of a sudden (without any intimation) and disappeared from the line. I was on mute for greater than 15 mins, after which the call was disconnected by MTS. I kept saying hello when I was kept on mute, but no response.

This is very poor service and needs to be looked into.

Vinay Muralidhar
TF2, Ajantha Residency, Canara Bank Layout, Bangalore 560061, Karnataka
Email: vinay.muralidhar[ / 08/07/2015 / 7:38 pm

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