I bought Mi note 3 few days back and since I got the phone I am facing my issues, network is not showing n phone is getting hang, apps are not opening n many such other issues, i called regarding this and they told will call back, replacing team will get back to you 7th august 2016 and since then I am waiting for there call. I call customer support tells a lie that “we will get back within 24 hours” but nobuddy calls, and once i spoke with the supervisor he gave me guarantee on 12th August 2016 that we will call back within 1 hour for the replacing but did not call. And yes once they also called it was in the morning or evening when I was on my way to the office then After that i Callled and gave them timing to call which was between 3pm to 5pm but they didnt not respond. I dont know now what to do, I feel i have been fooled my this people and i stay at location where there is no service station of MI, MI have cheated me for 12K and now i have kept that phone and using my earlier one. Please someone help me, I dont know what to do..

Abu Sufiyan Shaikh
solapur 413003, Maharashtra
Email: sxxxxxxxxxx5@gmail.com / 16/08/2016 / 1:21 pm

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  1. Facing the same problem. To be specific, the problem is for the TATA DOCOMO 3G network with Xiaomi note 3.

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