Nearly 1 month ago, i had order an go jbl blue tooth speaker by paying 1650 on line. It must be received with in 25to 27th of april. mean while the item not send & no proper response found neither from the seller nor from ebay end. while asking in this regard to the e-bay end they set or ask for another time frame every time with out any feedback. their 72 hr time line never comes with a feedback.

During last conversation i asked them regarding..
1.what ebay do when its ask time lines again & again repeatedly having no feedback in return.
2.what action e-bay takes on those seller those who are not respond & provide false information.
3.what compensation e-bay provide to those customer suffer after paying money & wasteing money .

They did’t have any reply for the above.mean while my claim had been closed with out any refund. I had asked(mailed) e-bay on 13th of this month but found no reply till now.

Satyajeet maharana
Lapanga 768212, Dist-sambalpur, odisha-768212.
Email: / 17/06/2016 / 12:22 pm

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