What’s happening to me from past 3 months of more is just a nightmare, most importantly coz i never expected such response and service from a MNC like Microsoft. Sorry to tell this but the servicing center quality has gone down since the Nokia re-branding has happened.

When I went down to the servicing center on 15th November, 2015 my only issue was that the audio was not getting recorded when I was recording the video and the shutter button was not working fine. The servicing center named- Neil Communication (Microsoft Care) in C-10, Noida, Sector-10 received my Nokia Lumia 930 (IMEI: 353633066016149) cell phone which was under warranty period, without any physical damage and working all fine except the issue mentioned above.

1- After a month long also I never received a call from the servicing center until and unless I call them and asked about my cell and repairing status- they firmly answered me that “sir the issues in your cell cannot be resolved as the servicing center in Bangalore rejected it telling that there is a physical damage in your cell” although there was no physical damage when they received the cell. I was frustrated after getting to know this from the servicing center after which i called Microsoft Customer Care and narrated all my problem, they told me to wait for 24 hrs I will get a call back from there end. I got a call back from them telling that they can’t resolve my issue as its a physical damage and to talk to the servicing center about it.

I talked to the servicing center again they told me sir you please wait for someday as our regional head is talking in your matter and your cell phone will be repaired and given back to you soon without any cost as we know there was no physical damage when we received it.

2- I waited for some weeks after which I again called to the Servicing center and I got the most surprising reply from them “Sir touchscreen of your cell phone has stopped working” I was shocked when I got this reply from them. How is it possible that when I deposited my cell it was working all fine and now they are telling me my touchscreen isn’t working. I was frustrated shocked and my anger was at its tip, I was about to grumble on the servicing center guys but they told me sir we know we can’t tell our customer to receive the cell phone in worse condition in which we had received from you. Atleast we need to give you the cellphone in the condition you have given us. So out regional head is handling your complain so wait for some time more if at all we can’t solve the issues which you had in the 1st place we will atleast return you your cellphone in which we have received it.

3- Now when I am calling the servicing center they have also given up and they are telling me to receive me the cell in a complete paralized condition. Today also I talked to Microsoft customer care the only line they tell is “Sorry for the inconvinience” its not repairable please receive your cell.

Now please someone tell me, had anyone received a cell phone from a servicing center in a worse condition in which he/she has given it to the servicing center for repairing.

It seems both the servicing center and the customer care guys don’t care and they are just rolling down the time so that I will get frustrated give up and receive the cell phone in whichever condition they give me. I am not going to give up, I am going to take this matter to higher authority and reveal the darker side of this big name brand.

Please find the attachment of my Service Job Sheet.

Jyotirmay Pal
Delta-1, Greater Noida 201308, Uttar Pradesh
Email: jXXXXXXXXXXl@gmail.com / 27/02/2016 / 3:32 pm

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