I had ordered Anjeer from Amazon India Seller’s name was Satvikk on 02/10/2016. On 07/10/2016 I had received SMS that the product would be delivered. The product was not delivered. A SMS was received that Receiver was not in home which was incorrect as my family was there at home. Same thing happened on 08/10/2016 & 09/10/2016. On 10/10/2016 @ 8.23 morning I received message that order is delivered when I checked with my family I was informed nothing had come in. When I checked the Amazon Application I was shocked to see that the product was delivered on 09/10/2016 @ 9.38 pm. Since I was there at home after 7.00 pm i realised some thing fishy as nothing was delivered. When I checked with Amazon over Phone/Email I was asked to contact Seller. Seller replied next day that the product was handed over to Amazon Transport Service so I should contact Amazon only. When I again contacted them I was asked to file claim against seller which promptly got reject by seller this happened 3 times. Next day again when Amazon was contacted the asked me to file A-Z guarantee claim which I did. This was also rejected. I contacted Amazon Again I was asked to file claim which I did again got rejected this time with message that I should contact security of My residential Building. This happened on 18/10/2016. I have contacted atleast 7/8 times over phone and thu email . Their Customer Executive alway laments they want to help but could not due to Amazon policy .

I am surprised and shocked the way they are replying. Did they think I bought product Direclty from Seller ? Is Amazon not responsible for product sold on their Site ?. Are they not responsible for their own Transport Service ?. Did I buy product from my Security ? Kindly help me get my money back

Manish Thakrar
Borivali west, Mumbai 400092, Maharashtra
Email: mxxxxxxxxxxr@gmail.com / 19/10/2016 / 3:04 pm

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