Complaint regarding non-delivery by Club Factory

I placed order for some products on Club Factory on 22nd Sep 17. These were shipped on 27 Sep through Gati against doc # 660426455 with promised delivery date of 9 Oct 17. Raised complaint of non delivery to Gati on 11Oct with standing instructions of package being left with building security in my absence. Ref complaint #32539491.
Update reflected as out for delivery on 13th Oct. When it was not delivered till 6:30 pm called up their cust care who confirmed that the delivery will be either done by 7:30 on 13th or next day i.e. 14th Oct.
Tracking status changed to “undelivered as cust requested another date of delivery” on 14th Oct @ 6:30 pm with time stamp of 10 am 13 Oct 17.
When connected with their cust care on 14th Oct 17 @06:30 pm to question the status they are unable to answer
1. Why courier was not tracked for 14t Oct delivery despite follow-up’s?
2. When is it expected to be delivered now?
3. Why the deceptive update despite 6 followups for delivery with last one being made on 13th Oct 06:30 pm?

Sonali Kerkar
Pune 411057, Maharashtra


    • Sharmistha on 19/02/2018 at 7:52 pm

    My order isn’t delieverd at my address but I got a msg that my order has need delivered

    • Sharmistha on 19/02/2018 at 7:54 pm

    I need my money back or my order at my address within 2 days

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