This is with regard to the order ID 160306821386999. I have ordered multiple products with this order. I have not receivied 2 products yet. It has been more than 1.5 months.

The issue here is that Jabong was not making delivery to me or at my doorstep as they are supposed to do. They were giving the products to random ppl that they find at the apartment( not even in my house). I rasied around 5 complaints with Jabong on this issue with delivery and they did not take any action.(provided in attachment)

Now I have not recevied 2 products . When i request for product / refund, Jabong says that the product was delivered and proof of delivery is provided. In the proof of delivery it is evident that it is not my signature and they have irresponsibly delivered product to random ppl.(provided in attached) I cannot be responsible for Jabong’s irresponsible delivery and jabong is claiming delivery when I have not even recivied the product. They claim that they cannot take any action as I have recivied some products in order. They are niether giving me product nor the refund . The delivery guy (JAVAS) came to house after raising issue and accepted that it is their mistake that they did not deliver product to me but to random ppl and they mentioned they will be refunding. But they have still not refunded.

Reshm F
Kadubisinahalli, Bangalore 560103, Karnataka
Email: / 10/04/2016 / 6:03 am

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