On 24th Feb. 2016, I placed an order for Snowbird Electric Kettle under 100% Cashback Scheme with the seller “IMPEX”. The price of the kettle was Rs. 2999. I payed whole money from my bank and purchased that product. Order No. for my purchase was 1556005402.

After that on 29th Feb, it showed on website that the product was shipped with courier GoJavas with tracking ID- UNIPAYP2573304. Also I was credited Rs. 2999 in my PayTM wallet as promised against 100% Cashback Offer. Everything was alright till now. But when i used to track my courier on GoJavas website, it always showed “In Transit” and i waited for 10 days. When on 10th March, I called customer care of GoJavas Courier, they told me that this product cannot be delivered and suggested me to contact PayTM. When i mailed PayTM regarding the delay in delivery,i got a message as well as email that “The seller has received your Returned Product”. It was shocking for me as the product was not even received by me. How they are saying that i returned it ? When i checked it on “My Orders” section on PayTM website, it was updated and now showing that the product was delivered on 3rd March and returned by the customer on 10th March. The biggest part of the mockery is that courier company website GoJavas is still on tracking showing that the product is in transit. See link
( gojavas.com/docket_details.php?pop=docno&docno=UNIPAYP2573304 )

This was the complete case of fraud where the seller provided fake tracking ID and it didnot even shipped the product,it retained it with himself and when inquired on the 10th day about delay in delivery, it showed that the product has been returned by the customer. Now, that i had placed the order, purchased the product and payed money also, i became its owner and it became their liability to deliver it to me. Moreover, they have shrugged off their shoulders and put whole blame on me as it was my fault. If it was not financialy viable to them, they should not have provided 100% cashback offer at the first place.

Now, what did i got ? When i transferred Rs.2999 cashback money from PayTM wallet to my bank account, it costed me 4% charges and nearly Rs. 100 loss was incurred to me.

I want PayTM to either send me the product on same address or give the compensation equal to current price of the product i.e. Rs 2599. The product is in this link ( http://goo.gl/FWd0Iw )

Also my phone conversation with customer executive of PayTM is attached with this. Hoping for justice. Thanks for your kind support

Keshav Mehta
Roorkee 247667, Uttaranchal
Email: kxxxxxxxxxxx1@gmail.com / 15/03/2016 / 3:49 pm

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