I am writing this email to share a concern regarding one plus servicing. Recently my phone’s power button stopped working and took it to a nearby service centre. The service centre people told me that its a problem with the motherboard and has to be replaced. I waited for almost a month and got it replaced few days back. From the second day after replacing the mother board, the volume button stopped working. I really dont know why oneplus team is replacing the parts with a inferior quality parts.

Please note this is the third time im sending it for servicing. Few months back my mobile had a problem with its touch screen, and the service centre people replaced the touch screen and it took more than 2 months to get my mobile serviced. The service centre people were not giving proper response. I bought my mobile almost six – seven months back and in these six months, my mobile was in service centre for almost 3 months due to different complaints.

I was so excited when I bought the mobile as I had to wait for more than 3 months to get an invitation. All those excitement went for a toss due to the poor quality parts and pathetic servicing. I am attaching the previous job sheet as well as my bill for your reference. I was thinking of getting a oneplus two but now due to all these, after seeing the servicing quality and the way oneplus team treats its customer, I think i will have to think twice before spending so much on one plus two.

All I am requesting you to please take this issue seriously as the good name of your brand is getting spoiled due to the service centre people. Now, I will have to give my phone for servicing again and then wait for another month or so to get it repaired and after that god knows what other problem is gonna show up.

Akhil Jeeson
Thekkekara, Kothamangalam 686691, Kerala
Email: akhiljeeson]@gmail.com / 08/12/2015 / 2:31 pm

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