Complaint regarding online data entry

Some days before I received A call for work from home.They said that I have to fill 1000 form in 11 days and after that I have to subbmit the work and they will gnerate QC then after they will give Payment . i will received 30 rs for every form but they will going to cut my registration fees from the amount which they are going to pay me. So I said okay I m ready to do work for them. They asjed me to give my ID proof , i sent acopy my adhar card to them. they made an agreement . where they had soon many codition in which one was regarding to maltiple login, in which I can not do multiple login at atime.
I started the work and on the end of second day they deactivate my account and when I asked them to do reactivate they aske me to give [payment of 16500 asit is an GOVERNMENT OF INDIA WORK PROVIDER other they are going to file a case in Surat high court.
And now they are forcing to give some extra amount.
The name of Company Is CROP TECHNOLOGY

Surabhi Agrawal
Ujjain 456006, Madhya Pradesh

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