I had booked my House painting order with Asian Paints and was allotted BNP No 11386622. At the time of booking the order i was assured that there would be substantial difference in terms of the painting quality vis-a-vis the local painter.

My troubles started, ab initio, with the colour consultancy services, which is a misnomer. The consultant, Sxxxxa, who visited us was not at all helpful in determining the colours. The tab and visualizer which she was carrying did not contain software to enable visualization of the ” Imprints” design. The meek excuse given for non availability of same was-these were new designs.

Anyhow, i had paid the sum of Rs 2000/- as agreed despite being unhappy with the service. Thereafter, i was followed up for the order by one Mr Sxxxxxa Sxxxxxxxr with atleast 3-4 calls per day for obtaining the order and with assurances that AP would provide hassle free service and that an RA ( relationship associate) would be attached, who would supervise the site along with the painting contractor.

Mr Sxxxxxxr was supposed to conduct a detailed site evaluation and expected to advise on the painting. However, this was not so. All that was done was; measurements were taken and quotation provided for Rs 60,000/- ( after discount). Assuming that AP and its employees would work as per the much vaunted quality norms i went ahead and booked the order. And, that was when the trouble really started.

The Relationship Associate Mr Kxxxxn was not kept informed of the terms of the order – (a) The site was supposed to be touched up, sanded, prepared (b) The site was to be worked upon only on Saturdays and Sundays-owing to the fact that none of us are available on weekdays.

The work was started on 20.06.2015 with 3 painters who initially masked the areas. Then, instead of using a step ladder, they brought in a drum to reach the ceiling. The RA who was supposed to visit the site, did not turn up, yet. Meanwhile, i had looked in, to check the progress of work and realised that the walls were not sanded and then i spoke to the sales person Mr Sxxxxxxxr who informed me that the RA would come and visit. I called up the RA and realised he was held up along with his Regional Manager _ Mr Vxxxxxk at some other customer due to complaint on the quality of work done.

It was then when i checked with him on whether any problem in the event of stopping painting for a w eek, i realised that the RA was not communicated the terms of the order by the Sales Associate Mr Sxxxxxxr. However, to my good fortune the RA was more transparent and forthcoming and informed me then, that a wall requires me to have the Damp Lock applied and that the paint – premium emulsion-would not help resolve undulations unless Putty is applied. This was an unfair approach to seek business from a customer and tried to speak to the sales associate who informed me that there would b no great difference between my existing painting and after they complete also. Moreover, he had the cheek to comment on the painting in my house, which was unwarranted. Further, he stated that in the event of me not liking their work they would refund the money, after deducting charges for the area painted. I failed to understand this concept. If i do not like their work, i ought to have the rooom painted once again- in which event who would foot the bill?

The second day of painting (21.06.2015) the painters confirmed to be at the site by 7.30 AM. However, till 9 AM no one turned up. I called the RA to check and was informed that the painters were waiting in the cellar for the step ladder since 7.45 AM. I took the number of the painting contractor and was informed by him that the painters would be reaching the site in ” some time”. After further follow ups with the RA the painters finally landed at 10.30AM and i was told that they were at the neighbouring apartment after breakfast.

I really appalled by the service standards of Asian Paints which are at variance to their advertising that a contractor employed by them does not even have a step ladder. The complete apathy and lackadaisical attitude of Asian Paints sickens me. It had completely turned my schedule, askew and caused a lot of heartburn and anguish. I would request you to kindly take up such act of Asianpaints and ensure that i do not suffer, further.

Srinivas andra
Manasarovar Heights, Phase 1, RTC Colony, Tirumalgiri, Secunderabad 500009, Telangana
Email: mailtosrinivasandra@gmail.com / 21/06/2015 / 11:54 am

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