I am a panasonic mobile user. On 27/04/2016 my phone got a problem, on next day 28/04/2016 I contacted to panasonic customer care , they told that my phone has a problem of “charging connector auto off” & told me that they will give my handset back on 14/05/2016. When i vist serive center on 14/05/2016 they give me a toll free number (18001028989) & told to contact on this number & when i contact this number they told me that they will return my mobile phone on 25/05/2016. Again when i contact on toll free number as mentioned on 25/05/2016 they again give me a new date of return on 28/05/2016. When i contacted the toll free number on 29/05/2016 they are again postponding the date to return my mobile phone , they give me a new date that is 10/06/2016.

Atlast i want to tell that i am facing alot of financial problem due to this. As i am worker of ro sales & service. So i am unable to contact my daily customers due to which i am facing a loss of minimum 1000/- per day. Right now i have lost approx. 34000/- due to which i am unable to fulfill my family daily need as my income depends of the mobile number (7488444800) which is switched off from 34 days due to carelessness of panasonic service center.

Please help me as soon as possible.

Email: dxxxxxxxxxxxxr@gmail.com / 31/05/2016 / 10:26 pm

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