I purchased a Pansonic Vierra 40 inches TV in the month of May, the TV went faulty for the first time in the month of Nov’15 and a tech visit was arranged to fix it.. post which the TV only worked for a week and went faulty again. so I registered another complaint and requested a replacement on 6th Of Dec’15. The request was approved on 16th Dec’15 however, it has been two months and even after me contacting them again and again the replacement hasn’t been provided so far because apparently the Model I purchased is no longer available in the market (An information provided after over a month of me following up!). The options that I’ve been provided so far is waste another 5000 bubcks to get an upgraded Model or take a replacement whose market value is 5000 less than what I paid. I’m unhappy with both coz I’m definetly not going to spend more money on a failed product or service or loose money because they no longer offer the product. This whole episode shows how these big companies harrass their customer and how customer service means nothing to them. Not only their Product bombed the after after service has been poorer.. I’ve got text messages, phone call records the whole nine yards for all the conversations I’ve had with them so far!! The Complaint number is R061215020379.

Geetu Bansal
New Delhi 110068
Email: gxxxxxxxxxxxxx13@yahoo.co.in / 02/02/2016 / 6:06 am

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