Complaint regarding payment of KVP by post poffice

I had purchased 5 no’s kishan Vikash Pratta from Gomoh post office pin -828401 during my service life on date 07/08/2009. That KVP is matured on date 07/03/20018. Now I am application submitted to Allipore post office pin-700027 for payment of maturity value / rs of that 5 no’s KVP( due to now I am retired and permanently live at Kolkata. Also again I submit the 1st reminder on date 04/09/2018 at Allipore post office Kolkata pin 700027.
90 days over gone but Alipore postmaster not arrange for payment till date. Kind your information and necessary action please.

Samir ranjan Pal
Kolkata 700008, West Bengal

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