Complaint regarding Philips LED Smart TV

I purchased led on 05th Sept 2017 and since then it is not working properly as it should.
For Smart TV: Provided remote does not work properly and even if I go nearby TV, it doesn’t work properly.
In Built, youtube is very old version and it is not getting upgraded to a newer version.
Wifi is also not working properly, it does not catch the signal even it is kept nearby TV.
This is currently not working at all as I just see a black screen and not the video of the picture. sometimes it gives a sound of video and sometimes it doesn’t.

I have raised these complaints many times to customer portal and the technician does some time pass then leaves.

This Tv is completely not working and I want to return is back to Phillips.

Mayur Panchal
Sheetal Nagar, Mumbai 401107, Maharashtra

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