I have a BSNL bradband connection which I used to access through a DSL Modem on (2282513). I have been experiencing problem in my BSNL Broadband connection since last 2 months. The connections break very frequently not allowing any important transactions to happen. As I do most pf the payments and bank transactions through Internet (it saves Time, Fuel & Paper) I am stuck in all payments. It takes about one and a half hour average to make a payment through the BSNL broadband. Most of the times it also shows “No Internet Access”. It is high time and I am really fed with this poor services. If at all there is connection it is so slow that even the ordinary sites does not open.

For your reference I am enclosing a file showing the performance. I have many of such snapshots.

Please look into the matter and so the needful. I am writing with a hope in my mind.

Indrajeet Bhattacharya
Jaipur 302016, Rajasthan
Email: ixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxe@gmail.com / 29/06/2016 / 2:42 pm

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