Complaint regarding poor customer support from Amazon

I, would like to lodge a complaint against amazon india. Few months back i have ordered room gravity wood wheel barrow (76.2 cm x 35.56 cm x 33.02 cm, brown), when i received the item it was broken and damaged. Moreover the size of the item is very small. The amazon india did not mentioned the size digramaticlly in a clear cut manner,
on the other hand they mentioned the size in an ambiguous way.

Anyway after receiving the item i requested for return as per there terms and reply to this amazon india informed me that they have forwarded my complaint to the seller. The so called seller not the amazon india did not agree with complaint of undersize and damaged item and refused to honor the return claim. Number of times i have complained with amazon india, every time they are asking me to do one or other thing, like sending the photographs of the item received etc etc. Lastly i requested amazon india to honor the return claim free of cost, i do not need any money refund in any manner, still they did not honored my request.

Ram mohan S V
Visakhapatnam 530013, Andhra Pradesh

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