I have been facing many problems with the Internet connection provided by Reliance. Firstly, disconnections happen because “there is no power backup to the server in my locality” , atleast that’s what customer care told me. How is this even allowed? Connection goes offline on powercut? The CEO is richest man of India, so there should be no financial problem surrounding it.

Second, I have used the Reliance connection for a long time, 4 years. Recently i have upgraded to 4mbps connection. I see frequent throttling of my connection , sometimes to below 2mbps. Another issue is, high ping/latency/response time for some websites and games (screenshot attached). It is because of bad gateway and poor service of reliance. My friend with 4mbps connection of reliance gets 80-90ms ping on worldoftanks.asia , even i do, when it doesn’t throttle , but from past 4 weeks , i am getting ping well over 200 and sometimes even 300. I wrote to Reliance customer care regarding this issue , they did take action, my anti-virus notified me of “New connection detected, location: Delhi”, they probably changed my server. It all worked well for 3 days, 80-90ping but after that, it again started going up to 200. I pay my bills on time, then why can’t i expect good service? Solution is provided but very temporarily, the customer care helpline won’t even understand what the issue is, they are not skilled enough. I hope the respective authority solves my problem.

Jagdeep Singh Dhillon
Sector 23 B, Chandigarh 160023
Email: wxxxxxxxxxxxn@gmail.com / 26/06/2016 / 10:35 pm

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  1. Dear Jaydeep,

    Apologies! To assist you with your current concern, please help us with your contact details at this link http://bit.ly/1cmd6ds using a PC, we assure that we will get the same fixed on priority.

    Reliance Communication

  2. Still bad service , even after complaining so many times, such horrendous service, never seen before, still the ping is high

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