I have perchased TVS JUPITER from it’s ex-showroom progressive TVS at nadiad, state GUJARAT on dated 13/11/2014.
At the time of purchase of the vehicle I paid 5000/- as a booking about and that time their employee named NxxxA OxxxxxxI consulted with me and she told me to give delivery of the vehicle in 15 days maximum of my selected color. I had told her for white color. After waiting one month I had to purchased the vehicle which not of the color which I had selected at above date. At the time of delivery she was provide me only gate pass by which I could take my vehicle at my home and at that time she told me that they would provide other document like bill, warranty book, service book etc. by courier and that was their companies policy. After that, so many time I asked for the documents of my vehicle she neglected me and after more than two month when I reached to their showroom their another employee told me that the employee named NxxxxA OxxxxxxI leaved the job and after that they me provide me the bill of rs. 54,060/- though I paid rs. 54,700/- in case at the time of delivery. I asked them for this difference in my bill. So, they told me that she stolen the amount of rs.640/- which I paid for extended warranty whuch was I already paid. I requested them to provide the bill of the amount which I paid. Then, they provided me a new bill of the amount which I paid. After that another documents till were left. After calling and requesting so many time and complaining to TVS complain desk they provided me insurence paper and service book.

During this period after 10 days of getting delivery of vehicle I am getting so many problems in my vehicle which I purchased new one.

Still I didn’t get warranty book. When I were asking about it they told me that it was not available with them and when they would get they would contect ne, but till today they hasn’t called me for it.

Before two days one more time I got problem in my newly purchased vehicle so I submited to their service station but they told me that the part which they had to install they hadn’t and when they would get they would call me and told me to take away my vehicle from thier service station.

When I reached their service station their employee didn’t responce me properly. After that I reached to booking counter and asked for my warranty book to the employee who dressed in uniform of TVS. He told me that I had purchased my vehicle from their employee named NxxxxxA OxxxxxxI and she was left the job. So, they weren’t responsilble for the document which were left to provide me and they couldn’t provide me now.

So, I want to ask that if their employees are not responsible for my problem then who is responsible.
From the day of the day of getting delivery I could ride my vehicle properly because every time any problems are created in it. Till today it has some problems.

FAIZAN PARK-2, NADIAD 387001, Gujarat
Email: shahidhussainshaikh@yahoo.in / 11/06/2015 / 7:14 pm

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