I am staying in rent in ghaziabad and working in Noida so can’t stay at home in daytime. I was having a airtel postpaid connection and my job is very critical because I have to interact with multiple countries clients.

But one day I got a call (for port) from Reliance customer care; and I have spoken with Sxxxxh, and Rxxxxxl, and they asked me to send all my papers to Mr. Dxxxxxxh who was senior of these guys.

I applied for it and a person came to my office to give me the SIM card and he collect all my papers, passport copy as address proof, my photo and a company letter head (written I am employee of that company).

Next day I got a call that a person will come to my home to verify my address so I must leave a photo copy of passport copy. Which I did because i can’t available in daytime at home.

And a person came to verify my address and he gives my report to negative because they want to see my original passport; Then I had word with Sxxxxxxh that I don’t want to continue with it because I can’t give my original passport to my neighbor, But later I agree to provide the passport copy at my brother address i conveyed this to Sxxxxxh, Dxxxxxxh and Axxxxt.

But they didn’t active my reliance connection and they block my previous connection too;

Later I had word with Sxxxxxxxxh, and He said it’s reliance company fault and it must not be happened and I must ask for claim for it; but what about my connection how it will be activated they are not providing me the guidence. They block my previous (airtel connection) too.

My boss and other clients are crying on me but no one want to listen to me.

My Question is how the company can block the previous connection, Why they didn’t verify my address before PORT. Why they are not ready to check my passport from my brother address. When I asked to Sxxxxxxxh not to continue my request for PORT then why reliance make me fool.

KINDLY HELP ANY ONE if there is real a justice.

Noida 201001, Uttar Pradesh
Email: kxxxxxxxxxxt@gmail.com / 14/08/2016 / 12:00 pm

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