I have purchased a REDMI NOTE 3 on 01  June 2016 Invoice No. 1464770806083657740 Order No. 5160601821720327 from mi india official website through my friend id. After 1.5 month on 17 th July its started giving problem and was dead. On 27 st July I send it to service center located at Lalpur Ranchi. Jobsheet No. JS16072700148. And got it back on 10 Aug 2016 after few days it started bilinking continuously then my younger brother went to the service center at lalpur where they denied to accept it. As I am working with State Government I was unable to go there, I contact service center 4-5 times and on Toll free number 20-25 times but with no solution. Service Center say that the headoffice MI have not yet closed my reguest hence they are unable to accept my mopile.

Hence on 24.10.16 I did online chat n explain them every thing, they gave me this refer this Id 161024-014494 and asked me to arrange talk with their service centere. Now thing they wont call
there service center the customer has to arrange the contact. Though I provide address and contact mobile no to the XIOMI head office, But they ask me to go to service center n call on there toll free no 1800-10- 36-286 and connect with person at lalpur service center (Arrange there talk).

On 27 Oct I did the same when to service center laapur told every thing to them call on toll free no explain every thing to them n make them talk each other. But still the service center told me that they wont talk the mobile unless the headoffice close the issue. Though they both had talk over the phone. I went back home n again explain every thing on toll free no. They denied that there is anything to be closed n every thing is close (may be ther r talking about complain request). And ask me to agian go to service center. Now what should i do the service center is not accepting. The hq didnt providing any solutiion. I am totally harrrassted. Rs. 11999 for the mobile is my hard earned money, it not earned from any bribe etc.

DORANDA, RANCHI 834002, jharkhand
Email: nXXXXXXXXXXXX6@gmail.com / 27/10/2016 / 9:44 pm

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