Complaint regarding refund for faulty Acer laptop

I purchased an acer laptop on 11, august, 2018. i encountered lagging and hanging problem for day one of the purchase, i took the laptop to acer service centre (reliable technologies, sikanderpur, gurgaon), after inspection the service centre attendent told me that it had harddisk problem, and asked me to get a new one ordered, i denied to get hard disk change because my laptop was brand new, so i told him to give me a new laptop. he then sent an application to get a defective on arrival (doa) letter to acer. i received the letter on my mail and then i went to jt infotech, nehru place from where i purchased the laptop, to get a new piece. they gave me a new piece on 27,august,2018. it was also lagging and i told the person on the spot after laptop was opened that it is lagging, he asked me to update the windows 10 with latest windows update and issue will be fixed. i did that after coming home but nothing got fixed it was still in same mess. so i went again to service centre 30/8/18, with same issue and he told me it had a software issue, i again told him to give me a doa letter but for refund this time. the first time also went i went to service centre on 13/8/2018. asking them to give a refund but them denied saying that it is an electronic item dont judge it by one product take a new piece so i agreed. now new laptop is also having same problem and i have asked acer india for refunding my money. they also sent me an mail saying your doa has been approved for given serial number which is the serial number of my new laptop which i got as an doa replacement on 27/8/18. on 6/09/18, i called uxxxxxr sxxxxxh the person i have been asking to process my refund application, he is not able to give me any positive result, i told him that i have received mail from acer about approval of my doa but he is saying no it cannot happen, but i have an email proof of it with me. kindly help me to get my money back, im very stressed mentally and physically.

shailesh goyal
Gurgaon 122001, Haryana

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