Complaint regarding refund from ACT broadband

I have moved a few months ago from Chennai to Bengaluru. After finding that using mobile data for all my internet needs didn’t seem entirely practical, on the 28th of July, 2018, I decided to contact ACT Fibernet to provide a connection to my residence located in Basavanagudi, Bengaluru.

I registered for the service on their website and their response was immediate. I got a call within a couple hours that morning(registered at ~8AM IST and was called by personnel at ~10:10AM IST) from their personnel who promptly showed up at my place.

Being a long standing customer of ACT in Chennai, I was satisfied with their prompt response. The personnel(who’s name slips my memory, but I have the contact number), took a few minutes to check the area around my residence to find out where the fiber cable connection could be given from and to find the nearest junction box. The personnel returned to assure me that I could get a connection but would need a junction box at my residence. Since this has been carried out at my Chennai residence, I was not too worried as I know that they carry this process out pretty neatly. On this note, he asked me what plan I needed and I discussed plans and tariffs.

I settled on the ACT Storm – 6M + WiFi package, which included 6 months of unlimited internet at 100Mbps and a DLink AC1200 WiFi router. The total cost inclusive of GST was INR 8206.00. The personnel proceeded to scan my eyes and check my Aadhar and noted all necessary details and took payment in full. He informed me that since I needed a new box, it would take between 7-10 days to get my connection up and running. I acknowledged this.

By Aug 4, 2018, I had received no communication regarding my connection’s status. I thus called customer care to find out what the status was. To my shock, I was informed that the Technical Team had determined that my house was ineligible for a connection and even raised a refund request! This information was never given to me until I had called them of my own accord. I was also informed that it would take a whopping 15 days(at maximum) further to refund my money.

2 weeks have passed and I am yet to receive any form of communication or refund from the organisation.

I find that it is absolutely unethical to take a huge sum such as this in payment on assurance of delivery of a service. What frustrates furthermore is the lack of communication to the customer on the status of requests and services.

Thoroughly disappointed after receiving very satisfactory service by the same organisation in Chennai.

Hoping to see this resolved soon.

Shreyas Mudumbai
Bengaluru 560004, Karnataka

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