Complaint regarding refund from Airbnb

I had planed to travel to BELARUS from DELHI and booked an apartment for my stay through “” on 14 JAN,2018 and made payment of Rs.17760.12 with my CITIBANK Debit card. Due to some personal exigency, I cancelled my reservation on 15 JAN,2018. According to their cancellation policy, I should get total refund of Rs.17760.12(I originally paid Rs.17760.12) within 10 business days.

According to this, I should have got my money till 30 JAN,2018. I contacted them many times on their email and called them many times on their customer service number and also I have talked through messages with their payment team member but i don’t get my refund yet.

I need my money as I am living in Noida and need to pay my refund and it get delayed because I was expecting it till 30JAN,2018. My landlord is demanding money and I have to pay fee for my younger brother. As i am in debt and need my money as soon as possible.

Deepansh N/A
Bhiwani 127021, Haryana

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