I ordered an unstiched top in amazon.in but they given me an product without quality so i returned into amazon.in in next day Mar -19-16 . After that now more than 2 weeks past still they will not given my money back to me. Each time i calling them they telling we will return within 10 business day but already it went passed 2 weeks more now. They are cheating me by telling wont count the holidays between 2 weeks see even though i wont count 4 holidays means also 10 days already went passed now . yesterday i called them again but now they telling i will be returned on 8th april . it clearly indicates that amazon.in cheating me by telling number of days count only. please ban this amazon.in. they telling me don’t have online banking for transcations for customer amazon can only create these kind of lie for users for their vendor products.

But that Jevi prints mailed me , amazon is only responsible for money returning process ask them only not coming to us.

Vignesh Kumar
Tiruvannamalai 606601, Tamil Nadu
Email: vxxxxxxxxxxx6@gmail.com / 04/04/2016 / 12:33 pm

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  1. I’ve order a product from the AskmeBazaar.com on April’15. They have send me a defective product. So I’ve returned the product back them. Now almost 1yr got completed but still i didn’t got any refund. If i call them. They are saying we’ve refunded back already. Check your statement copy and forward the copy to us. We will refund you back like that… Help me pl’s…

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