I had given an order to purchase an item from eBay on 08/07/2016 and made payment of Rs.5300/- for it through online SBI reference number “GSBI4594519881” as shown in the account statement attached herewith.

But the seller has failed to ship the item during the predefined stipulated period set by eBay. Hence the order has been cancelled automatically by eBay.

Accordingly eBay approved the refund on 19/07/2016. Which is not credited to my account till today.

When I complain eBay for my refund. They surprisingly given the Refund transaction reference number “GSBI4594519881”, which was actually same as that of my payment to eBay as said earlier.

I have tried many times along with my account statement, pointing how the two reference numbers of payment to eBay and refund from eBay can be same. But every time they replies that their database record shows “GSBI4594519881” as the reference number of Refund on 19/07/2016.

Please take needful action from your end. There is no option left for me other than go for consumer forum.

Utpal Dutta
Namrup, Parbatpur, Dibrugarh 786623, Assam
Email: uxxxxxxxxxx9@gmail.com / 03/08/2016 / 2:20 pm

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