On 1/04/16 i have tried to book my holiday for 5/4/16 via go ibibo through pay u gateway. after repeated attempts, the amount has been deducted from my account and still go ibibo was showing no successfull transaction was there by me on that day.

After that i have contacted pay u and they asked me to contact the bank, where bank told me to wait for some more working day.

On 7/04/16 bank confirmed that they have cleared the amount from their site. now pay u again asked me to contact goibio.

I am just trapped in between them regarding my refund. Please help me. I will send you all the details.

Tapas Kumar Mahata
mmch, midnapore town 721101, West Bengal
Email: txxxxxxxe@gmail.com / 08/04/2016 / 7:01 pm

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