Complaint regarding refund from Homeshop18

As I have purchased some product from HomeShop18 and they gave me something else so I return the product which I paid for and after that I ask them to refund me through check or into my account but each time when I call them they keep on saying just wait for 10 days but they haven’t yet not refunded me, they always say that there is a technical problem and just wait 10 days more but they are not willing to refund me, whenever I call to talk with the senior department they just keep me on hold for an hour but won’t receive my phone. they took my shipping charges also and has refused to pay me that, once senior department phone call was connected and she said that they will prepare my new cheque as the old check was returned to them by the post office twice or thrice but I don’t get any message of dispatch of cheques but still they say it was returned to us. now I am very tired calling them and asking them to return my money as sometime they talk very rudely and they don’t solve my problem.

Praveena Nishad
Nagpur 440034, Maharashtra

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