I Purchased a LP – Louis philippe white shirt size 39 online from Louis Philippe website and seller is TRENDIN. my order no-2504105 placed on 9th septm 2016 . 14th septm i got the product but i checked the product properly there was stain marks one at collar and other one at cuff. so i raised a request for return the product on 15th septm . 13 days passed away but no one came at my home for pick up the product . i contacted several times on customer care no. on phone. they always said we are arranging give 2-3 working days . i sent many mails but they don’t reply them .
requesting the Authorities to take proper action in this regard & plz revert waiting for a immediate & a positive response .

Umesh Kumar
Kirari Extn., New Delhi 110086
Email: uxxxxxxxxxxxx8@gmail.com / 28/09/2016 / 2:52 am

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