I have requested for the deactivation on 13th March and it was done on 17th March. Permanent deactivate was carried out on 26th of March. From 13th of March I have been fighting with mts for my refund amount of rs 599/- since the day I gave request for deactivation. i have been calling them from 26 March for the status of my refund and yesterday on 8th may( 43rd day) they are saying that there was an delay in refund and said me to wait till 20 more days. But there is no proper explanation for violating the rules from their side .

I have contacted them by all means mail, phone call to a specific number who checks full and final accounts, but no response till date and at last they are ordering me to wait another 20 days. If I ask for nodal officer team number , I got a reply that no customer can contact them directly and even they don’t have means to contact nodal team. I request one of the TL to drop me a mail regarding the refund issues happened till date including the wrong information provided by other executive and regarding the delay in refund and what was done on these 43days upon this refund , but unfortunately there is no response from them even for it.

I need an proper explanation for such an wrong information provided them and an detailed explanation of what steps has been taken upon this refund case till today and why there was an delay

I have gone through a mental torchure because of this and I have went through physical issues also because of the wrong information provided by them. So I need an compensation for all these what I undergone.

Palanimuthu Muthuswamy
santhoshapuram, Chennai 600073, Tamil Nadu
Email: rxxxxxxxxx9@gmail.com / 09/05/2016 / 11:00 pm

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