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Complaint regarding Reliance 4G service post upgrade

This is to inform that Reliance 4G is not providing any services to me even after I purchased there new device on 20th July 2016. I already had the CDMA dongle of reliance for the past couple of weeks they were after me telling that we are going to disable CDMA services and if you need to avail the service in future I have to purchase new wipod device exclusively available from Reliance. I told them first improve your service and let me know before disabling my CDMA device 48 hrs before so that I can go for some alternative. In the mean time I was using CDMA dongle whose number is 9324167903. Suddenly, I was not able to access the internet using the current CDMA device. I called the customer care and they said its disabled. I went to the reliance web store and he told me that you take new 4G sim and register it online and I have to pay only Rs. 899 for the new 4G wipod. I said ok and I went ahead registered the new 4G sim ending with 3864. As I was about the buy the product it showed me the price 2699.
I went to the web store he said we don’t know about that, now you have to purchase the device for that price. I said ok but make sure that I am able to get the service immediately. He told me that within 24 hrs I will be able to access the internet service. This was the complaint number 248028553. I waited for 48 hrs but, no service was available. I called there call center they said “thoda wait karlo Sir” I said tell me the exact time they told me some time 2 hrs, sometime 24 hrs.
I was frequently calling there customer care after the said time was elapsed. Now on sunday 24th July they stopped giving me time as when I will be able to access the service. I asked them to forward the call to the technical department or the senior who would let me know the exact time. They gave the 18602002011 which is again a call center number and not an individual whom I can talk to, so that my service is restored. In there web site they had clearly mentioned that once we purchased the device we will get 10 GB of data for 30 days. Till now I am not seeing any balance it shows me core balance a 0. I thought let it I should go ahead and recharge since the firm might be poor and did not have fund to provide me the allotted balance. As I logged to my account there website is not even allowing me to recharge. That means I am completely helpless now I cannot go for third party service provider as I already invested 2699 for the dabba wipod. Now, I am totally dependent on the Reliance 4G.
Today 25th july 2016 as well I called the customer care now they are saying as the balance was not transferred we are generating one more complaint, this is is the complain id 248178225 and now they tell me that I have to wait for another 2 days for the issue to get resolved. I asked them if I don’t get the service after 2 days as well than whether I would get the refund for the dabba wipod device. They are saying I will not get any refund for the device as well. Now, who is going to fight with such a fraud company. Its such a shame that being such a big firm they are cheating with the customer and this company wants to be in par with the other companies of the world. I would like to tell them that by doing such thing only one way you can go is beneath the earth. I guess for them customer means “cust se Marr”..

Vikas Shukla
Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai 400701, Maharashtra
Email: sxxxxxxxxx7@gmail.com / 25/07/2016 / 2:05 pm

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