I have been using Reliance data card since the last four years and I am satisfied user until it started the process of 4g upgradation process a two months ago. I have been made to buy a wipod device in the process of upgrading from my old cdma device, and after one month of buying the device I got my cdma device disconnected and I am unable to connected even using the new device which they told will be migrated soon and all through the process of upgrading I have been told that the 3g data plans will not going to be change and will continue to use them but after the purchase has been made they changed the words and said no plans available and the previously said 10 gb free data after upgradation is also not available now. I have waited one week to get my problem solved and called customer service a lot of times but no one responded the same, there has been different versions from one executive to the other. And when I asked about returning the product they told me that its not refundable. I am fully fed up

Satyapriya Buddhavarpu
Narayanaraju Street, Tuni 533401, Andhra Pradesh
Email: pxxxxxxxxxt@outlook.com / 17/07/2016 / 4:57 pm

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