We have a store on M.G Road. we use reliance land line n broadband since 8 years Number Bill account no.:- 100000109825363 since 8/8/2016 r both service have stop working due to that i am facing big business loss i have complaint sevral times but they r still not able to solve my problem my complaint number is on 8/8/2016 -249761798 which was closed without solving on 17/8/2016 again i raised new complaint on 24/8/2016 which id is 250151758 but they r not solving. I request plz u look postively in this matter n solve it as soon as possible.

Ashwin Agarwal
M.G Road, Pune 411001, Maharashtra
Email: pxxxxxxxxxxxe@gmail.com / 28/09/2016 / 2:32 pm

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  1. Dear Ashwin,

    We have noted your complaint and the same has been forwarded to our customer service team. They will get in touch with you directly to resolve your concerns.

    Reliance Communications

  2. sir your team is not working since 8/8/2016 As reliance had not paid rent to the place where DSL is kept they are not giving access as u pay them rent everything will start working properly

  3. sir today 1/10/2016 still no reply from reliance team my internet & land line is not working, plz help we are facing heavy losses due to land line not working

  4. sir today 2/10/2016 my land line started working thank you. But my Internet is still not working plz solve it as soon as possible its almost 24 days

  5. Today 5/10/2016 my Landline again stop working & internet not yet started plz any one help me

  6. Today 6/10/2016 still my land line & internet not working & no reply from reliance,
    facing big losses due landline not working

  7. Today 7/10/2016 my landline & Broad band still not working no response from Reliance & indiaconsumerforum
    facing big losses due to that

  8. @ Ashwin
    On 29 Sept, we asked you to write to customer care and thereafter escalate the matter to Appellate. Did you do that?

  9. Yes and i have done cc to consumerforum & if u check top post they replied on 29/10/2016 but dint take any action till now
    Today 8/10/2016 completed one month land line & Broad band still not working
    please help me sir

  10. The top post is not a reply to your email but their comments to the post appearing in this site. If you have written to ‘customer care’ then you must have received a complaint reference. You need to escalate the matter to Appellate Authority. If they do not act on your emails then you you need to submit a letter to their regional and head office.

  11. in all above post i mentioned that they are not replying that’s why while sending email i made cc to ICF and no action taken against them by ICF. When i called reliance appellate authority they said this issue can’t be solved by them they told us to contact customer care and since one month daily they r saying it will be solved in 24 hours
    today 31 days completed and my land line & Broad band still not working
    Plz help us

  12. Today 10/10/2016 still no response from Reliance & ICF
    Plz help us its more than a month

  13. Please write to the Appellate Authority. Do not simply call them. If this does not solve your problem then you have to write to their Management and thereafter initiate legal steps.

  14. yes today again i mailed them keeping cc to ICF for records but we don’t have any contact or mail id of management
    Toady 11/10/2016 and no reply from reliance
    plz help us

  15. @ICF if u have any mail id on which we should mail plz let us know but only one humble request plz try to solve my problem as soon possible

  16. Today 12/10/2016 still my problem is not solved i think they dont have importance of keeping commercial phone dead for more than a month

  17. Today 14/10/2016 still my land line & Broad band not working and no response from reliance team
    plz help us

  18. Today 16/10/2016 still my commercial phone & Broad band not working & No response from reliance team so bad

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