I need your help in dealing with following problem I am currently having with Reliance Communications.

I had been using RelianceNetconnect+ 2G (or CDMA) Datacard services. Recently, I decided to unsubscribe from their Internet service and placed a request to disconnect the service on 21-Sep’14, on Reliance customer-care number. However, due to the Reliance customer-care team’s foul-play and lethargic responses, I am now being asked to pay for their services beyond the actual date when the connection should have been disconnected based on my Service-request.

That guy told me that Services will be terminated within 7 days. After those 7days, I emailed Reliance customer-care, saying that the service was still not disconnected.

What followed is a serious of emails, Delayed registering of my Disconnection request (even delayed several days from when I sent an email to Reliance on the status of my request), lack of prompt communication about whether any Service-request had been ‘actually’ registered on my name and poor response in Reliance customer-care phone number / Online Live-chat option.

The customer-care personnel who dealt my Disconnection-request case on Reliance customer-care phone number or mail are at fault for the following reasons:

1) The customer-care personnel (male, Name not communicated to me) who attended my phone call on 044-30335555 executed foul-play on me, saying that my request to “disconnect the internet service” has been registered on 21-sep’14 (the day I made the call) and that the service will terminate within 7 days from 21-sep’14.
This personnel also failed to communicate to me any service-number/complaint-number that would have helped in tracking my disconnection request. In actuality, I have no idea whether my Disconnection-request was registered in their System.

2) For my emails to the Customer-care, I got very delayed responses.
More importantly: Having emailed my serious concern — that the Internet-service continued to operate on 27-sep’14 — on 27-sep’14 (the day when the Internet Service should have been terminated, according to the on-phone customer-care personnel) to customercare@relianceada.com, they took so many days of idle time to register my Disconnection-request, before finally registering the Disconnection-request on their System on 04-Oct’14.

3) In their email responses (dated 28-sep’14, 30-sep’14, 1-Oct’14) to my emails, they failed to communicate to me that no Customer-care Service-case had been ‘actually’ registered by any Reliance personnel, regarding my disconnection-request that I placed on 21-Sep’14.

4) In each delayed email response that I received from Reliance Customer-care, they stated that some Customer-Service-Representative will contact me on the matter, on my “Alternate phone number”, that I had communicated on my emails.
Till date, no one from Reliance has contacted me on my number, to note down my grievance or to clarify their position.
By not doing so, they have abused my patience and have illegitimately delayed disconnecting the internet-service.

5) Further, in my recent phone-calls to Reliance Customer-care number (1800-3000-5555), the personnel who attended my calls assured me that someone in Reliance would call me back someone on the Service suspension. No personnel was available on Reliance Netconnect Online Live-chat (in www.myservices.relianceada.com) to attend to me, although I waited for long durations for someone to attend to my Questions. And I frequently tried to reach out to any personnel on this Live-chat option, since 28-Sep’14.

Palaniappan N
1/1, R.P.Sundaram Street, Ramapuram, Chennai 600089, Tamil Nadu
Email: npalani07@gmail.com / 10/10/2014 / 2:05 am

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