Complaint regarding room charges by Club Mahindra

I had been to kanatal resort of club mahindra since in this resort there are only hotel unit which accomodate 2 adults i was asked by them to pay 1500 + tax for a bed in the room which i refused to pay as when they sell a membership the minimum room size they say is studio which accomodates 3 persons. they asked me to take 2 rooms which i said was not fair as i would unnecessarily eat away my inventory. then the person whom i was speaking to told me to use 2 rooms and he would get the extra inventory used credited to my account he sent me a email to this effect. on the 31st of july i receive an email from rxxxxu pxxxxxxr from their member experience management saying they will not credit my account i cant believe this and am shocked that despite having an email from them this is their attitude. i am a purple 1 br member. am digusted with their attitude

exalt dsouza
Mumbai 400071, Maharashtra

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