I bought a Samsung A7(2016) mobile on 9th Jun’16. Right from the day I started using the phone, it was getting over heated up to the extent that I was unable to even keep the phone on my ears and speak. Initially i thought it was only occasional but later realized that it was regular and took it to the Authorized service center in Anna Nagar(Chennai) on 4th Jul’16. They checked the phone and declared that the mother board had some issues and that it had to be repaired. I claimed, since the mobile was less than a month old and since the issue existed from the day1, wanted the mobile to be replaced. For which they directed me to the Samsung Customer Support. I narrated the entire issue to the executive and he asked me to take the handset to the service center for registering the issue, I did the same and reverted back. After a week the person again asked me to take the handset again to the service center for having the handset checked by a senior technician. I did the same and after that too there was no solution. A week after that the executive said he would send another person from Samsung company itself to check the mobile. But he failed to do that. When i again called them, after a week long prolonging he sent a technician to check the mobile. The person who checked the mobile again declared the same thing that the mother board had some issues and needs replacement. Even after that they did not agree to replace the phone. After waiting for a long time, wrote to their CEO’s office. Unfortunately what they claim as CEO’s office is nothing but their customer service executives. They again replied to the mail stating that they cannot replace the mobile.
My contention was when i have paid the same amount of money as other, why should i hold on to a defective handset. Why should i hold a phone which was defective from the time it was taken out from the case. This is sheer discrimination of customers. I have been made to pay for Samsung’s quality issues and testing.

Madhusudhanan Durairaj
Chennai 600040, Tamil Nadu
Email: mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxj@gmail.com / 05/08/2016 / 3:30 pm

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