I have purchased Samsung galaxy A5 on 14th July 2015 From Sangeetha Store Bangalore. I paid Rs 20905 for this and my phone is still in Warranty.

On 28th November 2015, i observed that my phone is dead after coming from my class. I waited till Monday as i was not appear that Samsung service centre works on weekend also.

On 1st Dec , I went to Samsung Authorised Service centre , Lalbagh Road , Bangalore(560027). I showed my phone to one of the customer care. He took that phone and after 5 min he told me that the phone screen has a crack. I than told them that it’s not possible as it never fall from my hand or by someone as It was working till saturday morning and that crack or external damage is not done by me. Than i asked to show me the scratch mark or any sort of marks which usually happen or occur externally when something brake or fall , Nothing was there.

They were simply keep on saying one sentence that if u want to fix it , you have to pay even if your phone is in Warranty.

I asked them to call there supervisior or some senior guys then they ask me to call Samsung Customer care. I did this too, they said “within 4 working hour our supervisior will get in touch with u ” but no call received by next day also.

I called customer care several time and they said the same thing everytime… Our senior will get in touch with u ..” but till 7th Dec ,no one called me to hear my problem.. no one taken any initiative .

So on 7th Dec. after lossing all the hope , i went to another Samsung Service Center i.e. Samsung Service Center in BTM and tried speaking to some Senior supervisior about this ,but Customer care guys didnt allowed me to speak with them plus they started giving lectures.

Later i thought ,there’s no use of arguing with them , i will only have to suffer from this , so i asked them to inspect the Phone and let me know the issue. They said it’s just screen issue which will cost : 6800 + 400(service tax). Then i asked , so after that i dont have to pay anythng right… they said no. Then i asked them to inspect and repair it.

Later , in evening they called me and said ur phone services will cost upto RS 16700, I shocked and went to store to know more in detail. They told that charger Pin is damaged from inside which will somethng around RS 1400 , Issue with mother board which will cost around RS 7400.

That phone was first time opened by them only, then how come anyone can damage Internal charge pin and Mother Issue. This was done by Engineer who opened this phone. This Phone is in Warranty but they don’t want to fix this in Warranty at any cost esp. internal issue.

I again requested them that i want to speak with Supervisior here but no response. I called customer care ,shared all this but his response was also diplomatic.

I took my phone back as not a single guys in Samsung Service care, BTM was responsing properly. They have not resolved my problem. These all issue i was facing just because my phone is in Warranty but they want this to be done as Non-warranty.

Please Help me out. Please look into this matter. I am attaching the screenshot taken by me in presence of Samsung Service Care Guys.

Shishu Kamal
Kormangala 8th Block, Bangalore 560095, Karnataka
Email: shishukamal7]@gmail.com / 08/12/2015 / 3:29 pm

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  1. I am facing the same problem with Samsung Galaxy A8. They are charging me for screen repair despite a motherboard failure. The product is in warranty.

  2. Samsung product only can be displayed in the showcase but not for daily usages. This is the latest caption of Samsung Company as per E-Mail of CEO Office Samsang.

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