I purchased Samsung J1Ace on 4th Dec 2015 from Ghaziabad. On 23 Dec this phone was kept on a table and when I took this phone to make a call I found that phone display is blank. I am sure that phone was never drop and never physically damage from my side.

On 24 Dec when I visited RDC Service center a person was there named Rxxxxxv Txxxxxxr he said that we can not take this phone here. Only software related issue can be resolve here. He suggested me to visit Vasundhara Sec 10/C46 service center.

Then I called to Samsung call center and Rxxxxi picked the call. I said that I want to replace this phone. I don’t want to repair it. Only in 20 day phone screen is not working and it is a defected handset. Then she logged a complaint and provided me 3701917450 complaint number. Also she advised me to go Vasundhara Sec 10 service center & also provide 8802010116 phone number of concerned person. Same day I went there but at this address (Sec 10/C46) there was Haier service center and a boy told me that Samsung service center is not in Sec 10 that is in Vasundhara Sector 12 Market. I was very disappointed that correct address was not updated in Samsung call center database.

Then I went Sector 12 and met a person he checked the phone and said as per company procedure phone cannot be replace but we can change the screen (as it is in warranty) and you will have to leave this phone here.
I was not agree to change the screen only then again I called to Samsung call center and Pxxxxxxi received the phone. My concern was same that within 20 day a blunder problem is in phone then why you are not replacing the phone. She was saying continuously that Samsung will provide best possible solution to you then I asked what is the best possible solution if I want to replace the phone? She had no answer for the same. She said that I escalate the issue to my higher team and then will contact you within 3 to 4 hour. I said OK I wait for the same.
I came back from that service center.

Next day I received a phone from 0124-6713700 phone number a person was there and he suggested me that again visit the Sector 12 service center and make a JOB SHEET regarding the problem but I said that I will not leave the phone there at service center. Then that person said it’s OK and he said that job sheet will be a cancelled job sheet and we will take further action accordingly.

When again we visited there on 26 Dec then it was really socking for me because a person who was saying last time that only screen will be change now he is saying that it is a damage screen and you will have to pay (Approx 4200 INR) for the same.

Now it is unbearable for me. I do not believe that it is a Samsung service and Samsung is selling this type of non-reliable product.
Please look into the matter and replace the phone.

Now as per communication with Kxxxxxxn which was held on 27.12.2015 02:52PM from 0120-3301700 number- She advised me to go any Samsung service center and raise a call in their system mandatory. Then Samsung will take care further.

I went Loha Mandi , Ghaziabad 201001 and told them about the whole issue. They checked the phone. No physically damage found but they were providing a diplomatic answer to me that a spot is showing in internal screen or it can be because of an internal hardware problem. For confirmation the same they were saying to me that visit here again on Saturday before 10AM. A senior engineer will come and he can tell us exactly that what the problem it is.

Then again I called at 18002668282 and Axxxxxxxh received the call- I gave him reference number 1127473508 (Provided by CEO Helpdesk). He advised me that raise a call (as it is mandatory) in service center system they will send a report to us with pictures of the handset.
Then again I talked to service center staff and said to log a call. He told me that we can raise the call but it will be in out of warranty. I said them I will go to Consumer Forum now but please process the call. Now he said to his female colleague for the same and the same time he was threating me that we are raising the call in out of warranty & the reason is “handset screen is break”. I said to him this is not a break screen then he said because you are saying to go consumer forum that’s why I am doing this.

Finally that lady gave a Call reference number- 4206973984. Now neither I want to change the handset screen nor replace the phone. I want my money back and you can take your handset, headphone, and charger.

A lot of customers were visiting the service center and they all are unhappy to take Samsung product and service which is providing by the Samsung. It is harassment for me by the Samsung. Till 31-12-2015 if you are unable to resolve the issue then I will go to Consumer Forum for further help.

Rajeev Kumar
Ghaziabad 201001, Uttar Pradesh
Email: rxxxxxxxxxxxxv@gmail.com / 01/01/2016 / 9:52 a

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