Our washing machine stopped functioning on the 2nd of September, we raised a complaint with the Samsung service centre in Goa on 8th september, w3e were assured that our complaint will be resolved shortly, they even sent a person to check our machine and he said we will have to replace the drum, we were ok with it and asked him to place an order.

He agreed to come with the part by next saturday, my father waited for him the whole day but there was no response from his side, we reached out to the service centre person for further enquiry but he was not responding to our calls. the issue was dragged till sep 26th when every single time the technician who had come to our place used to tell us that our issue will be resolved soon, but since there was no result I raised a complaint with the main samsung service centre from Mumbai on 30th September, there was a temporary hush and things looked like they nwill be ok but the result was the same no progress, I called the service centre 3 times and requested them to resolve the issue at the earliest but only empty promises were made.

The latest call that i got was on 19th october saying our problem will be resolved within 5 working days but nothing has been done till now.

I now wish to lodge a complaint with the consumer court and get the machine repaired and get a hefty compensation for the trouble my family has to face.

I want to sue the company for negligence of after sales service.

Anup Shenai
Navelim 403707, Goa
Email: axxxxxxxxxi@mail.com / 28/10/2016 / 10:59 am

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