The Supplier DLife Interiors installed a Kitchen Cabinet in my home in Kochi in the year 2009 with life time warranty for hinges and 10 year warranty for Lamination Board. It was serviced 2 year before and was charged Rs 5000 (Approx). In the year July 2015 & February 2016, I informed DLife Interiors to attend to few complaints in the Kitchen Cabinets and they replied with a quotation of Rs 50000/- for replacing the hinges and rectifying the lamination peeled out (Defective Product). These items were under warranty on installation, for which consumer is subject to get a free replacement. The DLife Interior is not complying to the agreement and violating the consumer protection norms. Please, I request a professional advice from the experts of consumer protection. Am I not getting the service from the seller for which the product was priced on purchase.

biji herian
Kochi 682019, Kerala
Email: / 21/03/2016 / 10:27 am

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  1. Replacement warranty of one year and lifetime service warranty as per actual cost of repairing damage is agreed by the client. On inspection it was found that damage is caused by careless usage. Flat seems to be given in lease to bachelors.

  2. Its a nice conclusion. You should have with Apartment Association whether Flat was given to Bachelors or not before placing allegations. The Hinges with life time replacement warranty, as claimed, failed and supplier is deemed to rectify the damage at own cost. The Lamination came hot due to the hot air in Kitchen due to bad quality of glue applied or due to bad workmanship. The above 2 damages never would be caused by human interference; even if bachelors carelessly use, as you claim. Bachelors may damage the finish of products; but never damage the hardware parts as stated above

  3. Amendment to above reply:
    It may please be brought to the kind attention that the Apartment Association never allows Bachelors to be accommodated in Apartment. We stayed in the Apartment for more than 5 years. My Small kids in my family might have caused the product to look shabby. Please don’t place allegation that the apartment was given to rude bachelors. When we placed order to DLife, it was claimed that Hinges of Italian make will be provided in Cainets wadrobes, which has life time replacement guarantee and the lamination are hot pressed with superior glue to withstand the hot air in Kitchen to 10 years. Both the Hardware failed before 5 years and huge damage was caused to the Cabinet and wadrobes. A damage by kids will never be to this much extend. Please note that DLife Technician was called 2 times in 5 years to attend minor complaints for which a charge of Rs 5000 each was charged for every visits, In these visits, there was no complaint from Technicians nor report from DLife that we misused the cabinets badly. Now, on attending to present damage stated in my previous emails, Dlife behaved differently. The first quote for the complaint was Rs 12500/ , which we agreed to execute, Due to delay in finalizing the order, a requote was made by Dlife again after 4 months for which a quote of Rs 53000 was given for the same damage complaint. In both instances, we were not resident in Kochi and were already permanently relocated to another part of the state. There was no interference from any person to increase the damage, for Dlife to increase the quote. We were ready to pay Rs 12500; even if the damage was caused by DLife negligence. Now, I approached consumer Forum for an advice on the indifferent behavior of DLife to customers. DlIfe is charging hefty amount more that business terms & penalizing customers. A business must be executed with the cost of product plus profit terms. An increase of price from Rs 12500 to Rs 53000 in 4 months for same products is against the ethics.

  4. In response to comments below which received immediate attention from DLife Customer service. We appreciate. It is now assured by Dlife that the situation explained in previous email, would be immediately taken care of by concerned Technicians on Top priority. In order to maintain the reputation of DLife; specialist from Hettich hinges would visit the site and access the damage caused or for any manufacturer defect of hinges involved and advice accordingly. Let me place on board that my approach to consumer forum in the month of March, was not for to get the damages rectified, but to have an advice on the DLife’s non ethical customer approach and to protect consumer rights. Also please to bring to kind attention that due to non attendance of complaint by DLife Technician, explained in previous email, I got the damage rectified by external parties with Non Hettich hinges available in the market and lamination fixed by nonprofessional carpenters, in order to meet my objective which was time bound. I would appreciate, if DLife values customer’s remark irrespective of his status and not to retaliate with allegation on customers. Hope that DLife will maintain its promise after inspection at site and expect that we could be proud of our self that work given to DLife was a wise decision.

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